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eChallenges e2013

23rd annual

eChallenge e-2013

Conference &


Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

October 09-11, 2013 

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Call for Papers:

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Books and Book Chapters


  1. C. Schnakers, S. Laureys, Coma et états de conscience altérée, Springer, 2011
  2. Q. Noirhomme, R. Lehembre, C. Chatelle, C. Schnakers, S. Laureys, A. Vanhaudenhuyse, A. Soddu, M.-A. Bruno, M. Thonnard, V. Cologan, O. Gosseries, D. Ledoux, M. Boly, V. Charland, A. Demertzi, Z. Lugo, B. Sorger, A. Thibaut, L. Tshibanda, Coma and Disorders of Consciousness, Springer, 2012

Book chapters

  1. C. Guger, G. Edlinger, First Commercial Brain–Computer Interface Environment, 2011,
    pp 281 - 305, Brain-Computer Interfaces, 1st  Edition. Edited by B. Graimann, B. Allison and G. Pfurtscheller, published by Springer
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