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eChallenges e2013

23rd annual

eChallenge e-2013

Conference &


Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

October 09-11, 2013 

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Conference Proceedings

The following list includes publications in conference proceedings, accepted for oral presentation






3rd  International Conference on Coma and Consciousness; Salerno, Italy

Responsivity assessment by professionals and caregivers in patients with Disturbance of Consciousness

R. Formisano (FSL)

Non muscular communication based on Brain Computer Interfacing: present and future

D. Mattia (FSL)

fMRI in disorders of consciousness

A. M. Owen (MRC)

Visual cognition and consciousness in the vegetative state

M. Monti (MRC)

'Communication' using fMRI

M. Monti (MRC)

Introducing disorders of consciousness

S. Laureys (ULG)

(mis)diagnosis of the vegetative state

C. Schnakers (ULG)

How conscious is the conscious resting state?

A.Soddu (ULG)

Single-trial fMRI-based communication in real-time: From “yes”/”no” answers to ‘free letter spelling’

J. Reithler (UM)

Implications for science, clinical practice and society

A. Kübler



BMI Symposium





32nd Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medi­cine and Biology Society, Bue­nos Aires, Argentinia

Study  of the Cortical Activity and Connectivity  during Mental Imagery Tasks

L. Astolfi, J. Toppi, D. Mattia, F. Cincotti, F. De Vico Fallani, G. Vecchiato, S.Salinari, F.Babiloni (FSL)


14th  Congress of the European Federation of Neurological Societies EFNS Geneva

The changing spectrum of coma

S. Laureys



Su Gologone symposia

The Vegetative State: Medical Facts, Ethical, Philosophical and Legal Dilemmas

S. Laureys (ULG)


29th International Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology (ICCN), Kobe, Japan

Estimation of the Cortical Spectral Activity from High Resolution EEG during Voluntary Modification of the Mental State

L. Astolfi,  F.Babiloni, J.Toppi, F.Cincotti, F. De Vico Fallani, G. Vecchiato, S. Sali­nari, D.Mattia (FSL)


Biosignals 2011,
Rome, Italy

Spectral analysis of the cerebral activity during voluntary modulation of mental states: an high resolution EEG study

J.Toppi, F.Babiloni, F.Cincotti, F.De Vico Fallani, G.Vecchiato, S.Salinari, D.Mattia, L.Astolfi (FSL)


5th International BCI Conference in Graz 2011

The BCI Classifier: a user-friendly and features rich tool for Brain-Computer Interfaces

L. R. Quitadamo, D. Mattia, L. Astolfi, J. Toppi, M. Risetti, F. Cincotti, L. Bianchi (FSL)

Neurophysiological screening of Severe Acquired Brain Injury patients

M. Risetti, J. Toppi,  L. R. Quitadamo, L. Astolfi,  R. Formisano, D. Mattia (FSL)

Exploring electrophysiological correlates of mental imagery paradigms borrowed from fMRI domain: what can we learn for BCI application?

L. Astolfi, J. Toppi, F. Cincotti, F. Babiloni, L. Bianchi, R. Quitadamo, M. Risetti, D. Mattia

Design of a novel covert SSVEP-based Brain-computer interface

D. Lesenfants, N. Partoune, A. Soddu, R. Lehembre, G. Müller-Putz, S. Laureys, Q. Noirhomme

Towards a Single-Switch BCI Based on Steady-State Somatosensory Evoked Potentials

C. Pokorny, C. Breitwieser, C. Neuper, G.R. Müller-Putz

Validation of an asynchronous P300- based BCI with potential end users to control a virtual environment

F. Aloise, F. Schettini, P. Aric, S. Salinari, C. Guger, J. Rinsma, M. Aiello, D. Mattia, F. Cincotti


3rd TOBI Workshop, Würzburg, Germany

Usability of video-overlaying SSVEP based BCIs

C. Kapeller, C. Hintermüller, C. Holzner, V. Putz, R. Prückl, C. Guger, A.Peer, R. Jenke, N. Martens, M. Abu-Alqumsam, T. Schauss


The Ninth World Congress on Brain Injury International Brain Injury Association Edinburgh, Scotland

Neurophysiological indices of top-down attentional processing in minimally conscious patients: an ERP study

C. Schnakers

The problem of assessing consciousness in brain-damaged patients with aphasia

C. Schnakers

Detecting signs of consciousness in severely brain injured patients with voluntary control of sniffing: a cohort study

V. Charland-Verville


1st International DECODER Workshop

Selection methods for communication with single-switch BCI

P. Horki, C. Pokorny, D. Klobassa, G. Müller-Putz

The auditory P300-based SSBCI: A door to minimally conscious patients?

G. Müller-Putz, D. Klobassa, C. Pokorny, G. Pichler, H. Erlbeck, R. Real, A. Kübler, M. Risetti, D. Mattia

Impact of Channel Selection on the Classification Accuracy in a Brain-Computer Interface based on Steady-State Somatosensory Evoked Potentials

C. Pokorny, C. Breitwieser, G. Müller-Putz

Detection of mental states in non-responsive patients: first step toward a BCI-based approach

L. Quitadamo, L. Bianchi, M. Risetti, J. Toppi, L. Astolfi, D. Mattia

Correcting ocular artifacts in patients with disorders of consciousness

R. Real, T. Kaufmann, H. Erlbeck, A. Kübler, C. Herbert

Detecting consciousness using transcranial magnetic stimulation combined with electro-encephalography

O. Gosseries. M. Rosanova, M. Boly, S. Casarotto, M.-A. Bruno, A. Demertzi, A. Casali, P. Boveroux, M. Mariotti, G. Tononi, S. Laureys, M. Massimini

Informed consent in research with patients in a vegetative state

R. Real, D. Mattia, A. Kübler

Language related brain potentials to access unresponsive patients

M. Risetti, R. Formisano, S. Veser. L. Quitadamo, L. Astolfi, J. Toppi, L. Bianchi., D. Mattia

Role of active ERP paradigms in awareness detection in non-responsive patients

Z. Lugo, D. Lesenfants, R. Lehembre, S. Laureys, Q. Noirhomme



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