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23rd annual

eChallenge e-2013

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Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

October 09-11, 2013 

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Publications in Journals






Willful Modulation of Brain Activity in Disorders of Consciousness

New England Journal of Medicine

Vol 362

579 - 589

M. M. Monti, A. Van Haudenhuyse, M. R. Coleman, M. Boly, J. D. Pickard, L. Tshibanda, A. M. Owen, S. Laureys

Diagnosing the Vegetative State


Vol. 341 (c3765)

292 - 296

M. M. Monti, S. Laureys, A. M. Owen

Current trends in hardware and software for Brain – Computer Interfaces (BCIs)

Journal of Neural Engineering

Vol.8 (2), 2011



P. Brunner, L. Bianchi, C. Guger, F. Cincotti, G. Schalk

Multimodal neuroimaging in patients with disorders of consciousness showing "functional hemispherectomy"

Progress in Brain Research

Vol. 193, 2011

323 - 333

M. A. Bruno, D. Fernández-Espejo, R. Lehembre, L. Tshibanda, A. Vanhaudenhuyse, O. Gosseries, E. Lommers,  M. Napolitani, Q. Noirhomme, M. Boly, M. Papak, A. Owen, P. Maquet, S. Laureys, A. Soddu

DECODER - Gehirn-Computer Schnittstellen und die Erkennung von Bewusstsein

Unterstützte Kommunikation


18 - 21

R. Real, A. Kübler

Identifying “resonance” frequencies for SSVEP-BCI

Intern. Journal of Bioelectromagnetism

Vol. 13, No. 2, 2011

76 - 77

P. Horki, C. Neuper, G. Müller-Putz

Dogs cannot bark. Event-Related Brain Responses to True and False Negated Statements as Indicators of Higher-Order Conscious Processing.

PLoS One


1 - 8


Herbert, C. & Kübler, A.

BCI: “Imagine playing tennis!”

Intern. Journal of Bioelectromagnetism

Vol. 13, No. 2, 2011

62 - 63

G. Müller-Putz, D. Wolfgruber, A. Kreilinger, C. Neuper

Classification of complex tasks for Brain-Computer Interface

Intern. Journal of Bioelectromagnetism

Vol. 13, No. 3, 2011

136 – 138


L. R. Quitadamo, D. Mattia, F. Fincotti, F. Babiloni, G. C. Cardarilli, M. G. Marciani, L. Bianchi

Approaching rehabilitation of severe Acquired Brain Injuries by means of a neurophysiological screening

Intern. Journal of Bioelectromagnetism

Vol. 13, No. 3, 2011

146 - 147

M. Risetti, R. Formisano, J. Toppi, L. Astolfi, D. Mattia

Visual Cognition in Disorders of Consciousness: from V1 to top-down attention

Hum Brain Mapp

doi:10.1002/hbm.21507, 2012


M. M. Monti, M. R. Coleman, J. D. Pickard, A. M. Owen

Tracking the brain activity during mental imagery tasks: an application of multiple comparisons corrections in a high resolution EEG

Intern. Journal of Bioelectromagnetism

Vol. 13, No. 3, 2011

154 - 156

J.Toppi, F.Babiloni, F.Cincotti, F.De Vico Fallani, G.Vecchiato, S.Salinari, D.Mattia, L.Astolfi

Comparison of dry and gel based electrodes for P300 brain–computer interfaces

Front. Neurosci.

Vol. 6:60, doi:10.3389/fnins.2012.00060, 2012


C. Guger, G. Krausz, B. Allison, G. Edlinger

P300 brain computer interface: current challenges and emerging trends

Front. Neuroeng.

Vol. 5:14, doi:10.3389/fneng.2012.00014, 2012


R. Fazel-Rezai, B. Allison, C. Guger, E. Sellers, S. Kleih, A. Kübler

Hypersensitivity in borderline personality disorders during mindreading


Vol. 7(8), 2012


C. Frick, S. Lang, B. Kotchoubey, S. Sieswerda, R. Bringer, M. Berger, S. Veser, M. Essig, S. Barnow

Publications in journals (accepted, not yet published)

Vegetative state, minimally conscious state, akinetic mutism and Parkinsonism as a continuum of recovery from disorder of consciousness: an exploratory and preliminary study

Functional Neurology

26 (1), 2011

15 - 24

R. Formisano, M.G. D’Ippolito, M. Risetti, A. Riccio, C. Falletta Caravasso, S. Catani, F. Rizza, A. Forcina, M.G. Buzzi

Granger Causality Analysis of Steady-State Electroencephalographic Signals during Propofol-Induced Anaesthesia

PLoS ONE 7(1):

e29072. 2011 doi:10.1371



Barrett AB, Murphy M, Bruno M-A, Noirhomme Q, Boly M, Laureys S, Seth AK

Evaluation of the performances of different P300 based brain-computer interfaces by means of the Efficiency metric.

Journal of Neuroscience Methods

203 (2), 2012


L.R. Quitadamo, M. Abbafati, G.C. Cardarilli, D. Mattia, F. Cincotti, F. Babiloni, M.G. Marciani, L. Bianchi

A Single-Switch BCI for the Non-Responsive: A Proof of Principle

International Journal of Neural Systems



G. R. Müller-Putz, C. Pokorny, D. S. Klobassa, P. Horki

Resting state EEG study of comatose patients: a connectivity and frequency analysis to find differences between vegetative and minimally conscious states

Functional Neurology

2012; 27(1),


Lehembre R & Bruno M-A, Vanhaudenhuyse A, Chatelle C, Cologan V, Leclercq Y, Soddu A, Macq B, Laureys S, Noirhomme Q

Brain-computer interfacing in disorders of consciousness

Brain Injury



C Chatelle, S Chennu, Q Noirhomme, D Cruse, A M Owen, & S Laureys

Unresponsiveness different of Unconsciousness.




Sanders RD, Tononi G, Laureys S, Sleigh J.

Relationship between etiology and covert cognition in the minimally conscious state.



2012 Mar 13;78(11):



Cruse D, Chennu S, Chatelle C, Fernández-Espejo D, Bekinschtein TA, Pickard JD, Laureys S, Owen AM.

Probing command following in patients with disorders of consciousness using a brain-computer interface

Clinical Neurophysiology



D Lulé & Q Noirhomme, S C. Kleih, C Chatelle, S Halder, A Demertzi, M-A Bruno, O Gosseries, A Vanhaudenhuyse, C Schnakers, M Thonnard, A Soddu, A Kübler, S Laureys


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