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eChallenges e2013

23rd annual

eChallenge e-2013

Conference &


Malahide, Dublin, Ireland

October 09-11, 2013 

More information is available at

Call for Papers:

Related themes and suggestions for papers and sessions are outlined in the Call for Papers


DECODER Public Deliverables


Includes Standard Ethical Guidelines Written and Delivered to All Partners
D4.2 Report on State-On-The-Art of Methods to Study Consciousness Including BCI and Interaction of EEG/fMRI/fNIRS - Medical Perspective
D8.1 Decoder Homepage
D9.2 Detailed Plan on How to Select Participants (Healthy and Patients) and How to get Informed Consent (Specifically with Regards to Non-Responsive Partients)


DECODER Media Material

This ZIP archive contais the DECODER-logo and the Europe map with the partner's locations in different media formats for all publishing needs (all below listed files), ~4.5MB The DECODER logo in Adobe® Illustrator® 10 file format (vectorial, Euroscale CMYK colours), in ZIP archive, ~235kB The DECODER logo in EPS file format,
(vectorial, Euroscale CMYK colours), in ZIP archive, ~61kB
DECODER-Logo_CorelDRAW.cdr The DECODER logo in CorelDRAW® 8 file format
(vectorial, Euroscale CMYK colours), ~45kB
DECODER-Logo.wmf The DECODER logo in Windows Meta File (WMF) file format for use in Office Applications
(vectorial, sRGB colours), ~36kB
DECODER-Logo.svg The DECODER logo in SVG file format
(vectorial, sRGB colours), ~85kB
DECODER-Logo_sRGB.jpg The DECODER logo in JPEG file format, ~10x5 cm, 600dpi
(pixels, 24bpp sRGB colours, opaque white background), ~350kB
DECODER-Logo_sRGB.png The DECODER logo in PNG file format, ~10x5 cm, 600dpi
(pixels, 32bpp sRGB colours, transparent background), ~230kB
DECODER_PartnersMap.tif The DECODER Partners Map in TIFF file format, ~20x12cm, 300dpi (pixels, 32bpp CMYK ICC colours) ~3.8MB
DECODER_PartnersMap.png The DECODER Partners Map in PNG file format, ~20x12cm, 300dpi (pixels, 24bpp sRGB colours) ~320kB
DECODER Flyer_Print_File  

Flyer with Call for Papers.pdf

The flyer for the DECODER workshop with a call for paper submissions. ~1MB
Flyer with Call for papers short.pdf The flyer for the DECODER workshop with a call for paper submission - short version. ~485kB

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