DECODER Public Deliverables


Includes Standard Ethical Guidelines Written and Delivered to All Partners
D4.2 Report on State-On-The-Art of Methods to Study Consciousness Including BCI and Interaction of EEG/fMRI/fNIRS - Medical Perspective
D8.1 Decoder Homepage
D9.2 Detailed Plan on How to Select Participants (Healthy and Patients) and How to get Informed Consent (Specifically with Regards to Non-Responsive Partients)


DECODER Media Material

This ZIP archive contais the DECODER-logo and the Europe map with the partner's locations in different media formats for all publishing needs (all below listed files), ~4.5MB The DECODER logo in Adobe® Illustrator® 10 file format (vectorial, Euroscale CMYK colours), in ZIP archive, ~235kB The DECODER logo in EPS file format,
(vectorial, Euroscale CMYK colours), in ZIP archive, ~61kB
DECODER-Logo_CorelDRAW.cdr The DECODER logo in CorelDRAW® 8 file format
(vectorial, Euroscale CMYK colours), ~45kB
DECODER-Logo.wmf The DECODER logo in Windows Meta File (WMF) file format for use in Office Applications
(vectorial, sRGB colours), ~36kB
DECODER-Logo.svg The DECODER logo in SVG file format
(vectorial, sRGB colours), ~85kB
DECODER-Logo_sRGB.jpg The DECODER logo in JPEG file format, ~10x5 cm, 600dpi
(pixels, 24bpp sRGB colours, opaque white background), ~350kB
DECODER-Logo_sRGB.png The DECODER logo in PNG file format, ~10x5 cm, 600dpi
(pixels, 32bpp sRGB colours, transparent background), ~230kB
DECODER_PartnersMap.tif The DECODER Partners Map in TIFF file format, ~20x12cm, 300dpi (pixels, 32bpp CMYK ICC colours) ~3.8MB
DECODER_PartnersMap.png The DECODER Partners Map in PNG file format, ~20x12cm, 300dpi (pixels, 24bpp sRGB colours) ~320kB
DECODER Flyer_Print_File  

Flyer with Call for Papers.pdf

The flyer for the DECODER workshop with a call for paper submissions. ~1MB
Flyer with Call for papers short.pdf The flyer for the DECODER workshop with a call for paper submission - short version. ~485kB

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